Our purpose is to provide clients in the oil and gas industry reliable mechanical and electric drive motor solutions. We offer the best engines to power pumps and generators for stationary and mobile equipment, onshore and offshore, while providing the greatest possible degree of operational safety.
Working with the leading manufacturers and suppliers of systems for power generation and transmissions has helped us ensure the best rotating power equipment within the utility, oil & gas, and industrial processing industries worldwide.
Thanks to our suppliers around the world, we can offer in the most efficient way expert factory and field service support, replacements and upgrades of components for the oil and gas industry.
We maintain commercial alliances with the best and most robust manufacturers of electric engines and generators of the world, which guarantees fast location of the appropriate equipment to the measure of the needs of the customers.
Our electrical motors are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, they can operate in atmospheres containing moisture, dust or sand, ideal for different pumps, fans, compressors and general applications in the industry.


Built in gray cast iron (aluminum shields up to the 256T frame) for an exceptional and corrosion resistant integral structure to provide high levels of mechanical strength for the most critical applications, equipped with casted legs. It has T-drains drainage for condensation. The lifting device is included for motors in frames from 180T.


The rotor design provides efficiency improvements due to the length of the aluminum rods and the end rings reduces resistance losses. Each rotor is dynamically balanced for the purpose of extending the life of the bearings and includes an arrow made of carbon steel (C1045) for maximum performance.


Manufactured with steel laminations with Premium electric grade and copper wires to reduce losses and increase efficiency. The unique design in the stator laminating package decreases flow density and increases cooling capacity. A larger cross section in the conductors reduces the resistance losses in the stator.


Motors are provided with an insulation system to be used with non-hygroscopic class F inverter with NEMA Class B temperature rise which provides extra margin over the thermal life of the windings.
The coating system used ensures maximum penetration into the windings and provides protection against moisture, corrosion and electrical overload. This insulation system meets and exceeds the system required by NEMA MG1-2006 Part 31.
All motors are adapted with frequency inverter.

Cooling and Ventilation

A non-sparking two-way fan is placed on the motor shaft. Its design reduces losses and noise, improves the air flow obtaining optimum ventilation. The metal cap is offered in all frame sizes.

Fan Cover

The fan cover is made of steel for frames 143T to 215T and FC-200 cast iron for frames 254T to 588/9T. The cast iron fan covers have an aerodynamic design, which results in a significant reduction in noise level and optimized airflow between frame fins for heat exchange improvement.


With oversized designs, the bearings are previously lubricated and come in sizes 143T – 256T; Also can be relubricated in frames 284T to 449T. They feature grease fittings or lubrication points for the inlet and grease relief tube on the outlet for easy maintenance (284T – 449T frame). They are equipped with V-Ring seals on the drive side and the fan side.


It is made by adding grease based on specially formulated polyurea for high temperatures, which contributes to provide up to four times the lubrication life of other specially formulated lubricants.

Connections Box

With dimensions greater than the industrial standards, it has a diagonal cut with neoprene packaging, which allows the rotation in 90º intervals to facilitate and speed up its connection. Grounding device inside the box and terminals clearly and permanently marked. It is made of aluminum for sizes 143T to 256T, steel for sizes 284T to 405T and in gray cast iron from size 444T.

Resistance to corrosion

Being built in gray cast, with polypropylene fan, galvanized fasteners, epoxy enamel paint and aluminum data plate makes it highly resistant to corrosion.


All engines can be customized to meet the specific engine our customers need.


HP for general purpose gray cast housing motors

Electromechanical specifications

Colorado   Power from 1 to 2250 HP
Colorado   Service factor of 1.15, at 40 ° C environmental temperature
Colorado   Speeds from 900 rpm up to 3600 rpm
Colorado   2, 4, 6 and 8 poles
Colorado   Three-phase, 60 Hz, 208-230 / 460 V to 256T frames
Colorado   230 / 460V from frame 284T to 405T
Colorado   460 V in frames 440
Colorado   Class F insulation, temperature rise Class B
Colorado   Service Factor (F.S) 1.0
Colorado   Alternating current
Colorado   Frequency 60 Hz
Colorado   NEMA B design, continuous service
Colorado   With option to install flanges
Colorado   Bidirectional
Colorado   Adequate operational efficiency
Colorado   Varnishing
Colorado   Meet the EISA efficiency standards
Colorado   Limited warranty

Housing Size Specifications